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Pay Now or Pay Later

A classic TV commercial from the 1980s popped into mind recently when I reviewed details of a medical study reporting that too many coronary artery disease patients are not taking their prescribed medications. The vintage TV ad showed an oil-smeared mechanic can you buy viagra online telling viewers that they had a choice. They can


Ritter Rules Saving TAD Lives

Baking soft drinks is actually jordan 11s for kids a low-cost alternative to supporting your hair! Work with michael jordan 11s a dime scaled circle of preparing soda blended along with your shampoo or red 11s jordans conditioner prior to shampooing. You would rinse it from the locks as regular. This revives the luster inside


Eating Fruit Lowers Heart Risks

Sometimes it’s the simple things that protect a Bulletproof guy from complicated health setbacks. Case in point: the simple, tasty and major-league healthy habit of eating fruit. Let me ask you: How much fruit do you eat every day? I’ve been on a fruit-eating tear this spring and summer. My favorites — including apricots, peaches,


Healing Via the Gratefulness Challenge

Today is Day 4 of my five-day journey through the Gratefulness Challenge. Which is to say that on each of the past four days I’ve named three (or more) things or people for which I’m grateful and nominated two Facebook friends to launch their own five-day gratefulness run. I know . . . I know .


Don’t Let ‘Overs” Cloud Your ‘Never’

Labor Day weekend. End of the summer. And some Bulletproof guys are waving goodbye to summertime dreams of losing weight, becoming more physically active and just plain getting healthier. A word of advice: Don’t throw in the towel just yet, Mr. Bulletproof! Even if you’re eyeballs deep in the “overs” — as in “over 40,”


Back-to-School Brain/Body Boosts

If you’re a Dad or Grandpa busily involved with his kids and grandkids, then there’s likely a lot on your plate. Back-to-school time has a way of doing that. It’s all good stuff to be sure. But densely scheduled activities — from after-school learning programs to weekend sports practices — can leave even a devoted


A Lonely Heart Lost

As I read news writing an essay accounts this week of Robin Williams’ suicide, I was surprised that his aortic valve replacement surgery in 2009 went all but ignored. literature review recruiment methods Yet for those of us who’ve survived a ride on the heart-lung machine during aortic valve replacement or repair, there is one


Winning the Fight For Your Own Life

Keeping your heart healthy is an important step in maintaining brain health as well. That the conclusion of researchers at Brigham Young University who recently reported that it’s not only high intensity workout guys who improve their heart and neurological health. Guys who engage in moderate exercise got a brain/body boost, too. “Even when ideal


Sadly, AD Claims Another Life

There was sad news this week that an aortic dissection had claimed the life of Karen Bricklemyer, 47, United Way President/CEO in Omaha, Nebraska. For those of us who have survived aortic dissection, Bricklemyer’s untimely death came as a sorrowful reminder of the lethal suddenness that too often accompanies aortic disease. Bricklemyer had shown no symptoms


‘Reversal’ of CAD Still a Question

Can a Bulletproof guy reverse the advance of coronary artery disease (CAD)? That’s likely one of the first questions racing through a guy’s mind if his doctor sits him down for a heart-to-heart talk about the possibility that CAD is or likely will be a threat to the guy’s healthy future. Surgery and medication therapy are


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