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This year thousands of men will find themselves stricken by life-altering health crises – the loss of their own health or a loved one’s health. Yet, research shows that men are less likely than women to get regular healthcare checkups that can detect and prevent potentially life-threatening illnesses.

  • One-third of American men have not had a checkup in the past year and are proud of it! That’s 45 million men . . . ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?
  • Before age 65, men suffer 2.5 times more heart attacks than women.
  • Men are 30% more likely than women to have a stroke.

“Bulletproof” looks inside this startling reality through the eyes of a veteran National Football League executive whose 20-year climb to the top was cut short by a near-fatal dissected aorta and a stroke during the surgery that saved his life.

“Men do health – exercising and working out,” John Jones says. “But men don’t do healthCARE.

“We’ve trained ourselves to act like we’re bulletproof,” Jones said. “Too often, men ignore health maintenance screenings and diagnostics that can save their lives, extend their careers and ensure future years with family, friends and loved ones.”

“Bulletproof: The Men’s Healthcare Myth” is a call to action for every executive who can’t find the time to get medical checkups.

John Jones

John Jones spent 20 years as an executive in the National Football League, including the final nine years with the Green Bay Packers. A veteran marathoner and long-distance bicyclist, Jones played a lead role in the redevelopment of Lambeau Field, including the creation of a year-round destination venue at the historic stadium that yielded the financial impact necessary to secure the Packers’ future in the NFL. On May 30, 2006, a dream came true when Jones was named the 10th President in Packers history. Just 12 days later, the dream became a nightmare when Jones suffered a dissected aorta and stroke. Only 10 percent of those who suffer a dissected aorta survive.

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